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About Us


Our Mobile Notary Service provides 24/7 notarizations*, and 24-48 hour and California Apostille service. We were established in 2008 to meet the notary public signing needs of individuals, and companies who prefer notary services on site when needed verses the travel, expense, inconvenience and lack of privacy experienced at stationary notary offices. We also realize that many individuals need to have notary service outside of the normal 8-5 work day. Unfortunately, these are hours that almost all of the notary offices are closed. Others simply can not take an extended lunch break or leave work early enough to visit a notary office. In order to meet these needs, we travel to homes, business locations, hospitals, nursing homes, jails, restaurants, coffee houses etc., anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Foothill Ranch, CA 92610. Our is, "Notary Service When and Where YOU Need it." Personalized, professional and courteous service is not only our goal, it is our only mode of operation.


By utilizing our Mobile Notary Services, you are assured of receiving confidential notary service at any location within our service area. There is no standing in line waiting for served or risking a security breech as others overhear your private business transactions. You are assured of accurate, private and professional service.

We firmly believe and practice that Mobile Notary Services means having qualified and trusted Notary Public to serve your signing needs when and where it is most convenient for you. We are usually available here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your notarization will take place where you are most comfortable.

We respect and treat with dignity all persons. It does not matter if our notary services are rendered in a nursing home, hospital, jail, place of business or your home; we promise that you will always receive Quality and Professional Notary Service.

As a Mobile Notary Service, a good reputation is extremely important to us. We will do all within our power to promptly, courteously, properly and lawfully meet your notary needs and expectations. We want you as one of our satisfied clients. Our satisfied clients are the best form of advertising we could ever have.

Phone: (949)614-5291- Fax:(949)340-2590
Email: jcnelson.notary@gmail.com

* There may be times when after hours service is unavailable.
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